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Nov 28, 2023 By Triston Martin

You can earn cash back even if your AAA membership is not current. Cardholders get 3% cash back on travel purchases and 2% cash back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. You also get a $200 bonus and an introductory deal with no interest on balance transfers.

This Card is Best For

For those looking for a card with a lower annual fee and higher cashback on travel, the AAA Member Rewards Visa may be the best choice. Some credit cards specialize in travel, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred. These cards have an annual fee. Some cards, such as the Bank of America Travel Rewards Card, have no annual fees but offer a lower earning level for travel.

This card also offers 2% earnings on all purchases, including groceries, gas, and drugs. This card could be particularly useful for those who shop at wholesale clubs. The Capital One SavorOne card offers 3% cash back on groceries, but wholesale clubs are not eligible.

Rewards Earning Details

  • AAA and Travel purchases eligible for 3% cash Back
  • Qualified grocery, gas, pharmacy, wholesale, and club purchases eligible for 2% cashback
  • Other purchases eligible for 1% cashback

Bank of America refers to the earnings as cashback, but technically the rewards are paid in points. Cardholders get 3 points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases and the 3% cashback.

Rewards Redemption Details

You can redeem points for cash back, travel, AAA rewards vouchers, gift cards, or cash back. You can redeem your cash back rewards through a statement credit, a check, or a deposit to a Bank of America account. One cent per point is the value of cashback and deposit rewards. Other rewards have different redemption values.

To redeem rewards, there are no minimum requirements. To redeem rewards for airfare, you will need at least 2,500 points. Gift card redemptions require at least 3,500. Cardholders must have at most 5,000 points to be eligible for cashback rewards and AAA vouchers. Important to remember that points expire after five years. You can lose your points if you don't redeem them in time.

How to Maximize your Rewards

AAA Member Rewards Visa can be used with other credit cards with no annual fees to maximize your rewards. This card can be used in conjunction with other cards that offer higher cash back for travel because it offers 3% cashback. The Capital One SavorOne gives 3% cash back on entertainment and dining, while Amex Blue Cash daily provides 3% cash back on groceries.

AAA Member Rewards cards also offer 2% cash back at wholesale clubs. This could be a benefit if you frequent such shops. This card can also be a backup card for other cards with a limit on earnings. The Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card pays 3% cash back on grocery purchases up to $6,000 annually and 1% cash back on groceries after that. Switching to the AAA card, which pays 2% for groceries, is smart once you have reached that threshold.

Sign Up Bonus

Spending at least $1,000 during the first three months of establishing an account qualifies cardholders for a $200 statement credit if they do so. Sign-up bonuses for other top travel credit cards may go as high as $600 or even more. On the other hand, these cards often come with an annual fee and demand that you spend at least two times the amount before you are eligible for the bonus.

This is a great sign-up bonus for a card with no annual fee, as the spending requirement of $1,000 is very low. The AAA Member Rewards Visa Signature Card is a great option for low-spending customers who don't otherwise qualify for higher bonuses.

Earnings Rate

It provides a basic 3% reward on qualified travel and AAA expenditures, 2% cashback for petrol, grocery store, and pharmacy purchases, and 1% cash back for all other transactions. Members of Bank of America Preferred Rewards might receive an additional 25–75% cashback on all purchases, based on the total balances of their Merrill and Bank of America investment accounts. This cashback increase would apply to all purchases made by members.

Bank of America Preferred Reward members can choose to be either Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Honors, depending on their bank account status. Platinum Honors members receive a 75% bonus, and Platinum Gold members receive a 25% cashback bonus.

Security Features

Fraudulent purchases are not held cardholders responsible. Bank of America offers cardholders access to their monthly FICO score. This allows them to monitor their credit and take appropriate action if they suspect something is amiss. You can opt-in to receive account alerts via email or text message.

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