How to Notify the IRS of an Address Change

Nov 30, 2023 By Triston Martin

If your address changes, you must inform the IRS to ensure you get any tax refunds or IRS communications. There are various ways to inform the IRS of an address change. Learn more about the five most popular tax deductions with the help of the professionals at H&R Block, from retirement account contributions to self-employment costs.

Whenever you submit a tax return

You must mention your new address if your residence changes after you complete your tax return. Following the processing of your return, we'll update our records. Be careful to inform your tax preparer as well.

Notifying The Post Office

If your address changes after you file your return, you must notify the post office that deals with your old address. Because not all post offices mail government checks, you should immediately inform the IRS as described below.

By Kind

Fill out Form 8822, and Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party — Business, and return them to the addresses shown on the forms if you want to alter your address with the IRS.For information on how to switch the "responsible party," see Form 8822-B.

The Text

If your address changes, you can also notify us in writing. Please notify us of any changes to your address by providing us with your social security number, individual taxpayer identification number, or employer identification number. Joint Filers - If you filed a joint return, you must have the names and signatures of both spouses. Use the IRS addresses listed in the instructions for your completed tax forms to send written notices of address changes.

Separated: Each joint taxpayer must notify us of the new addresses if they filed a joint return but have since acquired separate addresses.

We can ask for extra information to verify your identity.

You can alter your address by phoning the IRS or filling out a form and sending it to the company. If you are their chosen representative, you may modify someone else's address, such as that of an elderly parent or relative.

Fill out Form 8822.

Fill out Form 8822 after downloading it. The instructions and information on where to mail the completed and signed form are both located on the second page of the form. Use Form 8822-B to change your company's mailing address or location.

Activate Your Tax Return

When submitting your annual tax return, provide your new address. The address on your return will be used by the IRS to update its records.

Call the IRS.

If you have moved, call the IRS and let them know. You must provide certain identifying information, including your full name, birth date, Social Security number, prior address, and current address. You'll require your employer identification number for a firm (EIN).

The possibility is high that you'll forget to change your address with many businesses that require your new address when you move, like credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, etc. But what about informing the IRS of your new address? Most people don't keep this in the forefront of their minds while creating a list of the organizations they need to notify of a change of address. In some rare instances, though, failing to update your address with the IRS could have catastrophic consequences. Continue reading to learn more.

Why You Need to Update Immediately

Because you generally only deal with the IRS once a year, and they'll already have your new address when you file your next tax return, most people don't include them on their list of organizations that need their new address. Even if this is true, any correspondence from them regarding taxes sent between the time of your relocation and the time you submit your next return will be sent to your old address. Furthermore, you frequently don't want correspondence from the IRS sent to the wrong address.

How to Report a Change of Address

You have three options if you wish to update your address with the IRS. Filling up and submitting an IRS form for a change of address is the first step. Although it doesn't take long, the IRS demands a formal change of address request. Form 8822 is available for printing and completion on the IRS website. The address to which you should mail the form is listed on the second page of the form based on your previous address. Please double-check that the document is being delivered to the correct IRS division and not to your new address, using your old address.

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